Ujjain’s Mahakal Corridor: PM Modi to inaugurate Rs 856-crore ‘Mahakal Lok’ project in Ujjain

The corridor measures over 900 metres in length and will house around 200 statues and murals of lord Shiva and goddess Shakti, among other religious figures.

The corridor will be 900 metre long. Acquisition of 152 buildings is done to connect Mahakal temple with Kshipra river.

There will be 93 Shiva statues from the main door to the temple depicting stories from Shiv Puran.

Each statue/mural will have a QR code. Once visitors scan the code, they will get whole information about the story behind that statue or mural.

In the second phase of the project, following spots in Ujjain will be developed viz.

Maharajwada, Mahakal Gate and old route, Rudrasagar, Hari Phaatak bridge, Ramghat facade, musical fountain in Rudrasagar, Begum Bagh road, emergency entry and exit of Mahakal temple.

Buildings in Maharajwada will be re-developed and it will connect with the Mahakal temple campus. Heritage Dharamsala and Kumbh Museum will be developed.

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